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Wrapping & Feeding Equipment
Over 65 years of manufacturing quality horizontal flow wrappers and feeding equipment. Campbell Wrapper Corporation (formerly FMC Packaging Systems Division and Sasib Packaging) provides complete packaging solutions to many industries.

Campbell Wrapper produces a wide variety of horizontal flow wrappers including:

Shrink & Polyethylene Horizontal Flow Wrappers for high speed applications such as pizzas, magazines, stickers, greeting cards and trayed or boxed products.

Dual Lane Horizontal Flow Wrappers designed for bakery, confectionery and a wide variety of small products.

Side Seal Horizontal Flow Wrappers for the printing, graphics and mailing industries.

On-Edge Horizontal Flow Wrappers for cookies, crackers and rice cakes, etc.

Inline Feed Systems for bakery, confectionery, trayed food products, and non-food products. Systems include accumulating, smart belt feeders, stackers, turners and custom integration.

Product Handling and Distribution Systems for health and nutrition bars, toaster pastries, confectionery, breakfast bars, marshmallow treats and more.

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